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Unsurprisingly, the biggest deciding factors were "body type" and "accent"; what's perhaps even less surprising is the fact that (SPOILER ALERT) America's nowhere to be seen on this list. ", the full survey polled more than 60,000 women for their preferences in men as well.

They too found "body type" and "accent" the biggest factors.

As the largest Roman Catholic nation in the world, religion has also had a significant impact on the perception of women in Brazil, though over the past century the Brazilian government has increasingly broken with the Catholic Church in regard to issues related to reproductive rights.

Brazil is thought to possess the most organized and effective women's movement in Latin America, with visible gains having been made over the past century to promote and protect the legal and political rights of women.

Assista Sexy Hot TV transmissão ao vivo online Watch Sexy Hot TV live stream online.In 2010, the United Nations ranked Brazil 73rd out of 169 nations based on the Gender Inequality Index, which measure women's disadvantages in the areas of reproductive rights, empowerment and labour force participation.Women's movements in Brazil have traditionally been led and supported by upper middle class women, and tend to be reformist rather than revolutionary in nature, though clear exceptions exist, most notably with regard to agrarian land reform movements.Women became candidates for vice president for the first time in 1994.As of 2009, 9% of the seats in the national parliament were held by women.

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The World Economic Forum released a study indicating that Brazil had virtually eradicated gender differences in education and health treatment, but that women lagged behind in salaries and political influence.

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