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Weight boot camp for adults

Participants live in the great outdoors while they work off the pounds.If you like surviving in the outdoors by your wits and the contents of your backpack, make sure to check out camps that offer white-water rafting, hiking, and sleeping in your own tent.If you have a wedding or other special event coming up and you want to look your best, boot camp weight loss programs are the perfect choice for you.Some types of weight loss camps for adults are camping adventures.These weight loss programs for adults are definitely more upscale than our camp locations. Each summer I came back excited to see my camp friends and staff from the previous years. No one can make fun of you because you are all here for the same reason. If you want to be who you are and have one of the best summers of your life come to camp Shane.

If you want to kick up your fitness routine and work on dropping those last twenty pounds, some weight loss camps for adults specialize in working you out until you drop.

The staff are high level experts and provide personal attention to our guests.

We have personal trainers, registered dietitians, group fitness instructors, behavior coaches and genuine customer service.

That’s the reason why thousands of women who have been yo-yo dieters choose Green Mountain at Fox Run instead of a fat farm.

If you want to get away from the stress and pressure of your daily life to focus on your health and lose a few pounds, you can choose from several types of weight loss camps for adults that use many different methods to kick-start new lifestyle choices and workout routines.

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Our exercise choices are designed to deliver great results and keep you motivated 24/7.