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Phishing is a technique where internet fraudsters mask themselves as trusted businesses and trick people into giving personal information such as account numbers and passwords and divulge credit card details.

Phishing has been existing for a long time dating back to the age before internet, where they used the telephone and scammed people.

Because on a date, looks matter but it's personality that counts," notes the app description.

It is only once a person likes the chosen guy/girl secretly and they like you back is when the photos are made available for viewing. The Grade As the name suggests, this dating app grades users based on their behavior in three categories: profile popularity, responsiveness, and message quality. It connects the user's Linked In and Facebook to assess if they are eligible for the dating app. A prospective user is waitlisted before they are given the green signal and accepted into the dating app.

Don’t reply to these messages and don’t click on the links provided as they generally redirect you to spoof sites that look very realistic but are used to steal information.

Do not provide personal or financial information using e-mails as it is highly insecure.

We must be skeptical and contact the company being impersonated if we receive such fraudulent mails. We, at Appknox are dedicated towards educating consumers about these scams.

For example, if a user has crossed someone on the street, they will be able to click the heart and begin a conversation.

Using Facebook to help the user approach the gal or guy you fancy on the social media site (but been too chicken to approach), The Down gives you the nerve to "Skip the chatting, and get to smacking those cheeks." Download the app for i OS and Android for free. Skout Skout is also in the Tinder mold - you can opt for the premium or free version.

The user's location will not be divulged till they so choose.

For starters, it claims to be "anti-Tinder" and is quite selective.

Hinge will let users connect only with their immediate friends, friends of their friends or third-degree pals via a user's Facebook account, thereby reducing the pool of potential weirdos. Happn While Happn works in a similar fashion to Tinder (i.e.

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Be cautious while opening attachments from people you don’t know as they might contain malware or viruses.

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