Online dating bad signs of a relationship nicholas lemons dating

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You’ve been doing all the giving, in the hope that your partner will see how selfless and loving you are, and change for the better some day. But every time you’re alone or try to see where your relationship is going, your mind tells you that your relationship has no future.

But if you feel like you’re fighting a losing battle while trying to bring happiness into your romance, ask yourself if you see these signs in your own love life.And if you use happiness as a yardstick to decode your relationship, you’d find that it could help you understand yourself and the relationships you’re in, a lot better. If you aren’t happy in your relationship, you’re not in a happy relationship.Now there are two things you can do here, you can try to fix the problems before it’s too late.[Read: The 80 20 rule in relationships that make love work for you] #1 The spark is missing.You don’t know why you’re in the relationship anymore.

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And before you know it, you’d feel lost and all alone because you would lose all your friends and turn into your partner’s slave.