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Speak up, confront the issue head on, and have a conversation about it. Go and have a real conversation about that twisting feeling in your gut.

For all of you that have already checked the cell phone, and that stumbled upon some suspicious text messages or phone calls, I gently say to you wake up. Figure out what’s really going on, and if that twisting feeling won’t go away do not ignore it.

Maybe you’ve even gone as far as following her to work and spying on her. But more importantly, you don’t trust You must be able to trust your partner, and you must be able to trust yourself.

So for all of you considering checking your partner’s phone that haven’t yet pulled the trigger: Don’t do it.

Many people find reoccurring dreams disturbing, if only for the fact that they seem to be stuck on repeat. And if you have a sense that your reoccurring dream is meaningful, you’re right…

Dreams in general provide valuable insights about your life.

As someone that’s lived through this scenario, I’ll start out by saying that you’re missing the point. Perhaps your girlfriend suddenly added a password to her phone.If you have reoccurring dreams, you just might feel that way.Recurring dreams are important and need your attention.until you finally pay attention AND take appropriate action.The repetition shows that the same situation is still present in your life.

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Maybe you don’t check her phone, but you look through her emails instead.

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  1. Just 24 hours after she criticized her employer, the student union, for a proposed to change her job description, she was fired. Now the Women’s Centre is its “primary vehicle for sexual-assault awareness on campus,” says the union’s general manager, Caroline Cottrell.