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Dating sites for travellers

He always gives a wave as he's passing by in his car.'But I know in the past he's had a few problems with some of the residents.Maybe he's had enough and wants to sell up.'The resident said he knew there had been problems regarding claims that the ex-boxer's water supply had been tapped into by some travellers and that his hedge had been damaged outside his home.

Property developers are now planning to build several flats on the site.Locals were in uproar at the noise and disruption caused by the visitors, with a loud generator on constantly and truckloads of rubbish being ferried in and out all day.The encampment - made up of several families – was set up after the travellers gained access to the privately-owned site on Monday night.It is understood the travellers entered the site, which has reinforced locked gates, at around 9.30pm on Monday evening.Police told one resident they received more than 30 calls from concerned residents the next morning.

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Up to 12 children from the ages of around three to 10 were seen running around the site, screaming, shouting and brandishing sticks.