British bengali dating sites

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British bengali dating sites

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"The British took spices all across the world and started growing them in different countries," says Cyrus Todiwala.

"And now we are a nation with so much spice that actually when Indians go back to India for holidays, we take spices back with us." But curry's origins may go even further back.

Curry is such a British favourite, the UK celebrates National Curry Week, but how was the food invented?

When it's time for a takeaway, do you order a rogan josh, korma or lamb vindaloo?

The UK has adopted curry as a "national dish", with more than 9,000 Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi restaurants and the creation of British-Asian dishes such as chicken tikka masala and balti, says the National Curry Week website.The findings made by Arunima Kashyap and Steve Weber of Washington State University, Vancouver were published in the journal Science.The Indus Valley was home to one of the world's first urban civilisations - along with those in Egypt and Mesopotamia - and extends across modern Pakistan and parts of India.The most complex and sophisticated puree sauces are made in Asia and Mexico.The sauce or "gravy" for many Indian and Thai dishes begins with finely ground plant tissues - onions, ginger, garlic in northern India, coconut in southern India, and in Thailand, a number of different spices and herbs.

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Thailand: Curries include yellow curry, massaman curry, gold curry, green curry, red curry, panang, jungle curry, khao soi.