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Blaufuks was inspired by the French writer Georges Perec, who would document his thoughts on the banality of daily life in Paris while sitting at his local café, observing ‘that which is generally not taken note of, that which is not noticed, that which has no importance […]’. In monochrome, we catch a glimpse of the early artistic flair which helped to define his later colour practice. Pictured: Break the ice 7 December As the wintry weather continues in France, Marseille based photographer James Reeve’s exhibition at VV, Les Voûtes is a fitting one.The artist documents his personal space with various photography techniques, including large prints, Polaroids, and slides. The barren grounds of Canada’s northwest terrain are the subject of ‘Fractures’ and ‘Diavik’.He chose to spend a year in Arizona, documenting ‘ordinary people in ordinary pursuits’.The resulting collection of images has been published in a new book, , by Reel Art Press.

The exhibition is collated from a wide range of student work, including portraits, landscapes, and still lifes.Mirroring this early experience in her current work, Raissnia continues to take photographs of stolen moments.‘Alluvius’ – The Drawing Centre in New York’s solo exhibition of the artist – features two series of abstract charcoal drawings, inspired by Raissnia’s archival photography and found imagery. Pictured: Monumental imagery 30 November Throughout December, Marco Walker is showing a new body of work ‘Utopia/Dystopia’ in a private home in the heart of Mayfair.A keen observer, Hurn’s curiosity led him to capture rodeos, school dances, pageants, football games, patriotic marches, and sun-soaked road trips through the dry Arizona desert.The collection of black and white images is a nostalgic snapshot of America.

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